Meth Remediation

When a structure fails to meet health and safety codes, such as those found in the United States, and fails to be brought up to current code, it is referred to as “meth remediation.” Meth refers to any number of chemicals that may be present, but which are byproducts of chemical processing and that are used for medical reasons. Any meth found on a structure should be removed and tested for its presence. Structures that have been contaminated with meth have a special way of containing meth in the air, as well as the ground, and so they need to be analyzed for their suitability for meth remediation services. This will require a specialized chemical cleaning and testing team from a qualified company.

The problem is that there are so many meth labs across the country that the government has had to set certain standards to test for and regulate these establishments. Meth is removed from houses through two methods: burning it off or flushing it down the toilet. Flushing it down the toilet can create highly-acidic conditions that can severely damage electrical equipment and fixtures. It also makes cleaning difficult, as most household cleaners are acid-based. Therefore, meth remediation companies have special equipment and devices for flushing meth down the toilet, which are both highly effective and leave minimal damage behind.

So, what’s involved when determining whether or not a structure needs to be demolished and tested for meth? First, an area must be surveyed to locate all sources of meth in the structure. Surveyors will conduct an area survey and begin to locate pipes, tanks, or other potential sources of contamination. If a pipe is found to be contaminated, the inspector will contact the meth lab for testing. A re-occupancy inspection will then follow. This will involve performing a meth test kit on the property, which will determine if meth is present in the air, soil, or water.

Once the re-occupancy inspection has been conducted, the inspector will submit a report detailing the results of the testing. If meth contamination is detected, the decontamination process begins. During the decontamination process, hazardous materials are directed away from the home and decontamination equipment is employed to rid the property of the contamination. After the decontamination process is complete, the test kit is returned to the lab and a conclusive diagnosis is made. You can get more restoration services from the best restoration company by clicking here.

The decontamination process itself is relatively simple. The meth test kit is filled with toxic materials such as propylene glycol, gasoline, pesticides, and solvents. These materials can cause serious respiratory tract illnesses and can also contaminate surrounding surfaces. To make sure that no further contamination is present after the initial removal process, it’s recommended that any remaining meth be tested for volatile organic compounds (VOCs) as well. Other common chemical contaminants of meth production can come in the form of lead, UV light, and other chemicals.

The EPA has developed stringent guidelines for meth cleanup because of recent years of meth production and distribution. Unfortunately, meth labs continue to pose a threat not only to individuals but also to the environment. Because meth cleanup is so expensive and often requires specialized equipment, homeowners who suspect their homes may have been contaminated should consult a meth remediation specialist. With the assistance of an experienced professional, homeowners can rest assured that meth cleanup is not only safe but also affordable.

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